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Kelley and Ivy Team

Kelley Beaudry and Ivy Oehler, both natives of Northeast Florida, together have maintained a cherished friendship for over 25 years. Naturally their friendship evolved into a professional partnership in real estate. With their strong local ties and connections in their community they have established an intimate understanding of local neighborhoods, schools, and market trends. This local knowledge allows them to offer valuable insights to their customers on a more informed and personal level.

Kelley leads the team with unwavering dedication and passion for real estate. She has a degree in education from the University of North Florida and has held an active real estate license for the past 4 years. When Kelley isn’t helping her clients, she is hopping from practice and games with her three children and husband Mike. Kelley enjoys kayaking, the beach, playing with her French bulldog, and reading.

Ivy is a seasoned realtor with a reputation for excellence. With a degree in business from Tulane, and an active realtor for the past 9 years, there is no doubt she brings an unparallel level of expertise to every transaction. When Ivy isn’t helping her clients, she enjoys spending time at home with her beautiful twin boys, husband Chris, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Ivy loves cooking, traveling, family, and Jaguar football.

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Kelley Beaudry


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Ivy Oehler


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